Keystone's First Annual Science Fair
Posted 01/31/2019 10:13AM

On January 22nd, Keystone hosted its first annual science fair. Led by several Grade 11 students, Cady, Aurora Yu, Doris Li, and Francis Liu, the fair presented an opportunity for all students to develop and hone their scientific skills and created a platform to present their scientific findings to the Keystone community.


For the four Grade 11 students who created the Keystone Afterschool Program (KAP) Science Club, the inspiration behind this fair began with their weekly science experiments. The Science Club KAP students have even published their scientific findings in Keystone’s student WeChat publication, The Voice.


The inauguration of this year’s Science Fair Exhibition took place on the first floor of the secondary school foyer. The two instructors of the Science Club, Mr. and Mrs. Burslem, aided the students in coordinating the fair. For members of the Science Club KAP, experiments focused on various fields of science, including DNA extractions from insects, magnetic levitation, and even robotics. Students not only learned key skills that would enable them to conduct highly thorough and detailed research but also gained valuable organizational and leadership skills.


The Keystone Science Fair also drew community members and science enthusiasts to showcase their work, as well. Primary school students, parents, and even peers listened carefully to the scientific principles behind each project presented at the exhibition.


Secondary School teacher, Mr. Baldeep Sawhney, was very impressed with the organization of the fair as well as the scientific depth of the projects presented. “There were a wide variety of science projects spanning all areas of science: physics, chemistry, and biology. The students were using the knowledge and skills gained through their regular science classes, coupled with the guidance of the Science [Club] KAP to prepare and then present their projects at the fair. It took much time for the students to come up with the appropriate project of their choice, carry out relevant research, gather the materials, test it out many times and finally get ready to present it during the fair. All the credit goes to the student leaders from grade 11 and the KAP teachers who made sure that the entire process was smooth and flawless,” he said.


“Every single project that was displayed had something unique about it, and the science behind it was intriguing and exciting. So they were all my favorites. What was fascinating was the amount of enthusiasm the middle school students demonstrated when presenting their projects and the number of people who showed up to support the first-ever science fair at Keystone. I can say that the science fervor is slowly but steadily on the rise here. I wouldn’t want to restrict the students by tying the projects to our curriculum, but would rather keep it open to their drive and passion for science. Now that we have more students signed up for the science KAP in the second semester, I can foresee the science fair getting bigger with projects in increasing complexity and diversity.”

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