Primary School Dance Champions
Posted 01/18/2019 10:34AM

At the core of Keystone Academy, the Chinese Thread weaves all the pieces of our curriculum together into one tapestry. As a Chinese school with a global program and international approach, our curriculum consistently integrates elements of Chinese language, cultural history, and visual and performing arts into all of our subjects and academic divisions.

Keystone’s Primary School incorporates the International Primary Curriculum, which is a structure that delivers carefully integrated studies from Foundation Year to Grade 5. The Chinese Thread serves as a vehicle for students to explore the arts. Students take courses in ceramics, painting, calligraphy, and performing arts, expanding their conceptions of Chinese arts and strongly identifying with their Chinese heritage.


Keystone’s Primary School dance team is exemplary of the Chinese Thread in our curriculum. “At Keystone, it is compulsory for students to take Chinese dance courses,” said Ms. Hang, primary school dance teacher. “Students take classical and folk-dance classes which helps cultivate students’ understanding of Chinese culture.”


The result of this curricular effort was seen most recently when two primary school students participated in the 2018 Golden Lotus Dance Competition in Beijing last December. The competition was organized by the China Youth Culture and Art Exchange Association Dance Committee, the China International Culture Association, and the China Off-Campus Art Education Federation in the Fengtai District. Grade 3 students Zinnia and Gu Yuexuan excitedly participated in the event; both students performed well and were even awarded Gold Medals.


In addition, our primary school students also recently participated in the first Chinese and Foreign Children’s TV Dance Competition. Organized by large media organizations, such as Tencent, Netease, and Sina, it was an event highlighting the talent of youth across China. Grade 3 student, Zinnia, received a maximum score of 9.87, winning the highest Gold Medal in the competition. Her classmate, Gu Yuexuan, also received a Gold Medal with a final score of 9.79. 

“I always encourage all students to participate in competitions,” remarked Ms. Hang. “Whether it is a solo competition or group dance, the important thing is for students to show up, and put their best foot forward!”

During the Christmas holiday, a teacher led a group of primary school dance students to participate in CCTV’s children’s television show, Wisdom Tree. During the upcoming Chinese New Year Holiday, students will be broadcast live on television, performing the popular modern dance, “Handclap”.  


“I hope that more primary school students can participate in the dance team,” stated Ms. Hang. “It’s so important for students to learn how to use the body to tell stories and convey emotions, and I encourage all students who love dance to participate.”


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