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Weekly Message from Head of School 2017/6/12-2017/6/18

June 2017

Dear Friends, and members of our Keystone community,

We have reached the end of our third year, with growth, success, and joy. Soon our families will be receiving our summer mailing, with all the information needed for the start of a new year in August. In my cover note to this package, I addressed students with these words:

You, along with 1200 other students, are the soul of our new school. I say new because we are still a young school. Despite this, we feel that we have already created something special at Keystone. As we say clearly in our mission: “All our endeavors are framed by five shared Confucian values: compassion, justice, respect, wisdom and honesty.” But we are still growing a school culture and community founded on those values, and so everyone is a part of that. This is refreshing and exciting.

We are indeed still a new school, despite the feeling that some visitors share with me that our buildings seem venerable, our programs wide and deep, and our community …

Posted by steven on Thursday June 15
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Head of School

Malcolm McKenzie

Malcolm McKenzie is the Founding Head of School of Keystone Academy. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and studied at the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford, and Lancaster.

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